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Industry leaders share strategies for to raising the bar when it comes to sustainable design and development. This year we focus on topics such as Resilience, Net Zero Energy for Commercial and Residential construction, Water, and Wellness.


Of the many profound issues in the global, national, and local spotlight over the past year, all things related to equity and leadership may be the most important. From passionate social revolutions to preparing for a world run by machines, a couple things are certain: diversity is critical to innovation, and soft skills, particularly leadership and communication, are the most sought-after qualities of the future. Our line-up of speakers know this, and will share invaluable take-aways on ensuring equity, diversity, and inclusion, the art of storytelling and career development, and how to lead in 2018 and beyond


As Silicon Valley relentlessly draws people from all around the world, we find ourselves amidst an evolving landscape. Isolated suburban tech campuses dotted up and down the peninsula now form interconnected, dense networks of firms, workers, institutions, and communities. Join us for a thought-provoking dialogue about the urbanization of Silicon Valley, and what role architects and our allies play in shaping sustainable, equitable cities of the future.


Experience the full-day vendor fair and meet leading industry reps to inspire your next project.