Session 2: Sustainability
11:00a-12:00p, rm. b

Water Reuse as a Design Opportunity

In the context of global water scarcity, market demands, and the likely direction of future California water policy, Urban Fabrick’s COO, Kyle Pickett, will highlight practical applications for water reuse technologies, associated adjustments to design process, and water stewardship. Real-world examples for water reuse in building design and construction will be used to illustrate options.

Learning Objectives Include:

1.     Describe the difference between non-potable grey- and blackwater

2.     Talk about the benefits of using the right water for the right job

3.     How to approach regulators and utilities

4.     How to approach internal stakeholders early in the design process


Speaker spotlight:

Kyle Pickett, Co-founder & COO, Urban Fabrick Inc + Co-founder & Executive Director, The William J. Worthen Foundation