Session 3: Urbanism
1:00p-2:00p, rm. c

Pier 70: Creative Process for Creative Places

The Pier 70 project, a 35-acre mixed-use development within a historic industrial district along San Francisco's waterfront, is a case study in design as well as process. Drawing inspiration from the site’s rich industrial history and the creative energy of the neighborhood, Laura Crescimano, founder of SITELAB and lead urban designer for Pier 70, will share the project vision, its new approach to design standards, and how the process — from deep engagement to temporary events — created a sense of place and community far before this once inaccessible industrial waterfront has its first building built.


Learning Objectives Include:

1.    Strategies for community engagement

2.    Methods for translating community input into design

3.    Understand large scale district frameworks and how they inform design

4.    Interpreting historic industrial district characteristics for new construction


Speaker spotlight:

Laura Crescimano | Principal and Cofounder, SITELAB urban studio