Session 3: Sustainability
1:00p-2:00p, rm. b

Climate and Circumstance:   Low-carbon, High-performance Residential Design Strategies

This session will cover the process of thoughtful design and ecology, creating spaces that are comfortable and lyrical paying close attention to the integration of the built and natural environments - from siting to careful detailing. Including the use of alternative construction systems, such as straw-bale and rammed earth, renewable energy systems, greywater, and non-toxic and recycled materials.

Learning Objectives Include:

1.     Understand the basic criteria of passive solar design, including specific information needed from a site. 

2.     Recognize the carbon sequestering potential of earth, wood and straw buildings for future project consideration.

3.     Explore the 100+ year-old history of bale buildings and the ecological benefits of using straw bales for construction.

4.     Understand several different low embodied carbon building systems options, and their pros and cons.


Speaker spotlight:

Anni Tilt, AIA, LEED AP | Principal, Arkin Tilt Architects