Session 2: urbanism
11:00a-12:00p, rm. c

Community Climate Leadership - What can one small city do? 

Palo Alto has long been a leader in sustainability, making impressive - and in some cases remarkable - progress toward reducing its carbon impacts, greenhouse gas emissions, and resource consumption since establishing its first - in 2007.  Gil Friend will discuss his role as Chief Sustainability Officer for the City and ways design professionals and the community can be more involved in the process.

Learning Objectives Include:

1.    List the ways a city based program can deliver tangible environmental benefits.

2.    Design and implement effective community involvement in the policy development process.

3.    Demonstrate ways you can advocate for policies that would be particularly effective in communities.

4.    Discuss ways a city can undertake a wide range of initiatives to improve the sustainability performance of both government operations and the community at large including approving a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan.


Speaker spotlight:

Gil Friend | Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Palo Alto