Session 2: Equity + Leadership
11:00a-12:00p, rm. d

Design Your Career - From Beginning to End

This workshop will address the career trajectory of an architect, from the first job to taking on more responsibilities. What do employers expect from their architecture staff? What skill sets should architects develop that were not part of their formal education? How can they acquire those skills? Finally, what are the key responsibilities that a mature architect should have in the later years of a career?

Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Understand the expectations of a leader in a design firm
  2. How to negotiate expectations for my current role.
  3. Define skills needed to grow as a professional toward a more responsible position.
  4. Identify best way for each person to receive mentoring and training, based on individual learning styles.


Speakers spotlight:

Mark A. Cameron, Hon. AIA | Founder + Principal Consultant, Cameron MacAllister Group

Je'Nen Chastain, Assoc. AIA | Designer, Heller Manus Architects


Laurie Dreyer | VP HR, Harris & Associates