Session 1: Urbanism
9:30a-10:30a, rm. c

Housing Approaches for an Inclusive, Sustainable City for All  

Jeff Oberdorfer, FAIA, LEED Fellow gives a compelling overview of housing issues in the Silicon Valley focused on health, urban form, sustainability and the architect’s role.

Learning Objectives Include:

1.    Discuss trends in health and sustainability as they relate to urban housing.

2.    Understand housing form as it has evolved in the Silicon Valley and particularly in Downtown San Jose.

3.    Understand current trends in housing sustainability such as vegetated roofs and water conservation.

4.    Understanding housing affordability as a health issue.


Speaker spotlight:

Jeff Oberdorfer, FAIA. LEED Fellow | Principal Consultant, Housing and Development Consulting + Adjunct Professor, USF School of Art & Architecture