Session 1: Sustainability
9:30a-10:30a, rm. b

Delivering High Performance Buildings: Process, Strategies, and Beyond

David Kaneda, FAIA, PE, LEED Fellow, will focus on 3 topics during this session: The process for designing net zero energy (NZE) buildings; key strategies used in successful bay area NZE buildings; and new technologies and trends that will affect NZE design in the future.

Learning Objectives Include:

1.     Understand key differences between the process used to designing traditional buildings and buildings targeting NZE.

2.     Learn what types of buildings have reached NZE in the bay area and practical limitations on reaching NZE.

3.     Learn technologies that have been used effectively to reach in NZE.

4.     Learn how new challenges and innovative technologies are evolving the thinking on NZE and how to go beyond just NZE.


Speaker spotlight:

David Kaneda, FAIA, PE, LEED Fellow | Managing Principal, The Integral Group