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Laura Crescimano

Principal + Cofounder, SITELAB urban studio

Laura Crescimano is a co-founder and leader of SITELAB urban studio, a San Francisco-based urban design and strategy firm focused on using research and visualization to create great places through big plans and small interventions.

Laura’s work investigates the social and political power of space. Designing both processes and places, Laura’s projects range from Pier 70, where she is leading a multidisciplinary design team through the design and entitlement of a 35-acre mixed-use waterfront development in a historic industrial district in San Francisco, to the Portola Green Plan, where she collaborates with a neighborhood community group to build a vision for their neighborhood, to a graphic toolkit for the homeless services non-profit Lava Mae to open-source their mobile showers and approach to service. 

Laura has written and lectured on placemaking, urban design and the arts, temporary urbanism, design entrepreneurism, the urban evolution of the workplace, and taught Design and Activism at UC Berkeley. Laura serves on the San Francisco Waterfront Design Advisory Committee and the board of The Greenhouse Project and, from 2010-2012, on the Board of Directors for AIA San Francisco.

Session: Urbanism - Pier 70: Creative Process for Creative Places