Closing keynote
4:00p-5:00p, rm. d

Global Sprawl & Its Antidote

Peter Calthorpe’s long and honored career in urban design, planning, and architecture began in 1976, combining his experience in each discipline to develop new approaches to urban revitalization, suburban growth, and regional planning.  Peter will close our conference by articulating the dramatic differences in urban challenges across the planet and identify the three types of sprawl burdening urban development across the globe. He will reveal the common ground and urban design principles that can correct the social, economic and environmental pathologies

Learning Objectives Include:

1.    Discuss the nature and underpinnings of this new metropolitan form

2.    Present their view of the policies and physical design principles required for metropolitan areas to transform themselves into regional cities

3.    Document the combination of physical design and social and economic policies that are being used across the country

4.    Consider the main factors that are shaping metropolitan regions today, including the maturation of sprawling suburbs and the renewal of urban neighborhoods


Speaker spotlight:

Peter Calthorpe | Principal and Co-Founder, Calthorpe Analytics & Calthorpe Associates