Session 4: sustainability

The Evolution of Residential ZNE: Past to Present, and Crystal Ball Gazing into the Future

While Governor Schwarzenegger’s 2006 ‘big, bold’ goal of all new California homes achieving zero net energy by 2020 hasn’t quite materialized, it did blow a hurricane-force gale into the sails of the ZNE movement. In the intervening dozen years, in California and beyond, ZNE has evolved from a very tiny ripple in the home building industry to a visible and potent force, notwithstanding numbers that are still a very small fraction of North American housing stock. This talk will survey the trajectory of ZNE homes’ coming-of-age process to date and highlight emerging trends that foreshadow the next stages of evolution of this segment of the housing market. It will conclude with recommendations for ways architects can prepare for this coming evolution.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Describe the five fundamental components of a ZNE home

  2. Identify three emerging trends that are influencing the evolution of ZNE residential development

  3. List the three waves of ZNE adoption in the housing industry observable to date

  4. Apply six key principles of emergent ZNE design in their residential projects



Speaker spotlight:

Panama-Bartholomy-250x300-250x300 (1).jpg

Ann Edminster
Founder, Design AVEnues