Session 4: innovation

Interactive Workshop: “Greenlighting the Relaxation Response: Intentional Improv for Releasing your Creative Mind”

What’s your default operating mode? Generally stressed, with moments of respite? Or foundationally easeful?  In this highly interactive hour, attendees will experience the difference between the stress response (SR) and the relaxation response (RR) and will reap the creative bounty inherent in the latter.

Participants will discover their inner power couple (mind+body), practice the connective skill of Yes-And (ps: Yes doesn’t mean you agree) and see how improv exercises can pay off tangibly when applied in the real world.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Learn, cognitively and experientially, the difference between a stress response and a relaxation response

  2. Practice supportive connection through the skill of Yes-And, and see the effect that that has on oneself and one’s partner/s

  3. Gain embodied awareness of the influence that the body and the mind have on each other

  4. Identify a common stressor that inhibits connection and creativity, and generate a personal practice to help shift from stress response (SR) to relaxation response (RR)




Speaker spotlight:

Panama-Bartholomy-250x300-250x300 (1).jpg

Chris Miller + Ann Swanberg
Co-Founders, LifePlays Applied Improv