Session 3: sustainability

How Fracked is Your Building?

California is going through one of its most seismic shifts in building energy policy and design. The move towards full decarbonization of the building stock has started and the policy, technical and financial implications are being developed under our feet. Come hear from a thought leader working on the policies, programs and projects leading this shift. Panama will discuss where we are, where we are going and what it means for you.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Learn about current and upcoming regulatory changes related to operating emissions from buildings and how this will affect design.

  2. Learn about the dangers of natural gas for building occupants and communities and how to design buildings without gas infrastructure.

  3. Learn about the movement to electrify buildings and how architects can design all-electric buildings cost-effectively.

  4. Learn about programs and initiatives being rolled out and planned to help the design and construction community avoid gas infrastructure in their designs and constrction.



Speaker spotlight:

Panama-Bartholomy-250x300-250x300 (1).jpg

Panama Bartholomy
Director, Building Decarbonization Coalition