Session 2: sustainability

Road Map to Excellence: Institutionalizing Sustainability in Your Practice

The future of our planet and of our profession depend on our ability to co-create collaboratively and achieve levels of synergy that transform our impact. The 2030 Challenge, Net Zero, LEED and CA ZNE commitment define performance targets for our industry. Yet, a critical gap remains between rising performance goals and the organizational capability to consistently achieve them. Most firms have exemplary projects in their portfolio, but don't yet have the culture, systems or processes to ensure a high level of performance across the board. Many AIA 2030 signatory firms hit a plateau after 2 or 3 years and get stuck, but there is a way forward! How can you go from "random acts" of sustainability to rockstar performance? How can your firm truly learn from its work and be on a path of continuous improvement? How effective is your sustainability leadership? Does your project delivery methodology align with ZNE goals? If not, do you know how to manage intentional change to get buy-in? This session shares frameworks and proven methodologies from working with scores of firms of all sizes and types to help you develop your own roadmap to excellence.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Evaluate your firm's organizational capability (for sustainability) based on accepted industry metrics for assessment and gap analysis, so that you can identify issues, remove barriers and prioritize key performance indicators to track, which puts you on a path to achieve ZNE goals.

  2. Understand how the critical methodologies of integrative design define project management, use of tools and external relationships in ways that directly impact profitability and performance across the firm’s portfolio of projects.

  3. Assess and implement intentional change management strategies that will ensure long-term, consistent improvement and support those “leading from the middle”.

  4. Identify specific tools, resources, methodologies and processes that need to be institutionalized in order to achieve consistent performance and profit goals and understand what factors influence how effectively they are implemented. Participants leave with checklists, templates and frameworks to apply immediately to their practice and achieve goals.




Speaker spotlight:

Barbra Batshalom
Executive Director, Sustainable Performance Institute