Session 2: Equity + leadership

Voices, Values, Vision: Equitable Practice and the Future of Architecture

Today, in an ever more diverse, globalized world, the field of architecture in the United States looks much like it has for decades: the majority of practitioners are white men. Why is this still the case? Many young people, especially women, receive an education in architecture and then leave within the first five years of practice. How can we keep this talent in the field? How can we change our practice to help ourselves and others thrive? Are there alternate modes of practice we can explore that will make architecture a better value proposition?

This session will review current efforts towards equity in architecture and explore them through a personal lens. Ms. Mandell, an architect/developer, mother, and equity advocate, will share the results of the 2018 Equity in Architecture Survey and discuss best practices in the field. Participants will have a chance to explore strategies that would best help them to move towards equitable practice in their own careers and firms.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Discuss the current state of equity in architecture.

  2. Take advantage of available resources and opportunities for advocacy.

  3. Understand the range of best practices for equitable practice.

  4. Evaluate the results of the 2018 Equity in Architecture Survey.




Speaker spotlight:

Julia Mandell
Co-Chair, Equity by Design
Architect, Wilson Associates