Session 1: Sustainability

Panel: Beyond Zero Waste

The session will delve into opportunities for the built environment community to take actions to move our built environment beyond zero waste. The session will share the results of current building codes and local government policies in the Bay Area and provide visionary thinking and projects designed to improve human health and the environment by looking at impacts beyond end-of-life waste streams, including: lifecycle systems and materials impacts, embodied energy and carbon, repurposing and retrofitting whole buildings, design for adaptation and deconstruction, deconstruction, safe building materials reuse, and incorporating zero waste collection systems into buildings.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Participants will be able to identify the impacts of waste and the benefits of materials and building reuse to support practical built environment design and materials selection decision-making to reduce overarching environmental and health impacts.

  2. Participants will be able to explain the results and shortfalls associated with current California and San Francisco policies intended to reduce building-related waste, including construction and demolition materials landfill diversion rates, material-specific diversion rates, and mixed material processing facility diversion rates.

  3. Participants will be able to explain innovative policies, including Portland’s Mandatory Deconstruction Ordinance, and considerations raised by the Bay Area Deconstruction Workgroup to advance Bay Area policies, practices and materials markets to support safe building materials reuse and recycling.

  4. Participants will be able to access key tools, resources and organizations to support the incorporation of “beyond zero waste” thinking and practices to advance lifecycle project decision-making and environmental results.




Speaker spotlight:

James Slattery, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Larry Strain Pic.jpg

Larry Strain, FAIA, LEED AP, Principal, Siegel & Strain Architects

Moderator: Timonie Hood, LEED AP, TRUE Advisor
Zero Waste & Green Building Coordinator, U.S. EPA