Session 1: equity + leaderhsip

The Neuroscience of Engagement for Architects and the Design World

Whether you’re designing, forming relations with clients, collaborating on hands-on work, or building your business, how do you keep someone’s brain engaged? Everyone in business aims to engage others at some point, internally or externally. Let’s define engagement by using neuroscience and answering the question: what does it take for the brain to be engaged? What does it take for you to engage your audiences, both internally and externally, personally and professionally? This session offers evidence-based, practical guidelines, which you can use immediately to create meaningful engagement for your audiences and prevent disengagement. Specifically, you will implement into practice and learn how to: Overall, learn how to engage someone else’s brain so that you can increase the likelihood of being memorable, which is at the foundation of a successful architectural business. So join us to find out how to use neuroscience and help others’ brains stay engaged and remember your designs, strategies, and expertise.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Define the notion of engagement and disengagement from a brain science angle.

  2. List the elements you can and cannot control when engaging someone else’s brain.

  3. Use three techniques that help you immediately amp the engagement level in your communication.

  4. Debunk myths about how the brain stays focused and for how long.




Speaker spotlight:

Carmen Simon, PhD | Neuroscientist Memzy