Opening Keynote

People Places: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Belief in the power of social interaction to improve quality of life underlies Koning Eizenberg’s interest in sustainable neighborhoods and rethinking of housing, community and educational settings. Julie Eizenberg will explain how it frames the form and flow of their buildings across various scales and building types and examine the emotional intelligence it draws on.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Explore how social connectivity sets up the plan and flow of a building and assess principles that can be carried forward.

  2. See how an integrated approach to environmental sustainability reinforces building organization to enrich options that set form and character.

  3. Expand an understanding of the idea of context beyond conventional ideas of scale and stylistic compatibility to identify more resonant contributions to neighborhood.

  4. Examine the work of a practice whose use of emotional intelligence has resulted in design excellence and evaluate applicability of empathy in the design process.




Speaker spotlight:

Julie Eizenberg
Founding Principal, KoningEizenberg Architecture