closing Keynote

Creating Equitable Smart Cities of the Future: Planning for the the People...and the Power of Collaboration

Dr. Akom’s keynote will explore the intersection of race, space, place, and waste and their impact on equitable community development. Architects using LEED and Ecodistricts planning often often set ambitious goals for the design of the built environment or the “hardware” of a community, but are fairly silent on the social environment or the “software” of community and culture. In this keynote presentation Dr. Akom proposes that high performance neighborhoods are best built by empowered communities and we will identify opportunities to build community capacity through the planning and design processes. Creating community capacity is not a one-time affair or a singular event but is an ongoing process. In this presentation, Dr. Akom explores visible and invisible tensions that often arise between developers, planners, architects, engineers, and everyday people through historical case studies, real world examples, technological innovation, and best practices that have enhanced the quality of life with vulnerable populations around the world. Audacious ideas, innovative technology, improving our equity lens, and compelling results will receive prominent attention in this timely discussion about race, power, privilege, and strategies for equitable community development for all.

 Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Understand the role of community-driven data in the service of equitable architecture for all.

  2. Identify opportunities that stem from sustainable development and architecture in communities

  3. Understand how communities can use technology to find goods and services, take action on important issues, visualize neighborhood health and well-being and how developers and architects can use this information to build places that benefit the community.

  4. Explain why taking a collaborative approach to developing, designing and sustaining healthy and equitable communities is necessary.




Speaker spotlight:

Antwi Akom, PhD.
Founding Director of Social Innovation & Urban Opportunity Lab, UCSF & SFSU
Co-Founder of Streetwyze