Chris Miller + Anne Swangberg

Co-Founders, LifePlays Applied Improv

Chris Miller and Ann Swanberg have been improvisers since 1993 who in 2001 co-founded LifePlays to bring the skills embedded in improvisational theater to innovative organizations.  

Chris holds a degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has introduced improv-based training to the MBA program at USF, The Big Ideas Fest, and Little Bets Labs. He has worked with public agencies, corporations and architectural firm staffs to teach and practice new effective approaches to communication styles.

Ann has trained at ImprovWorks and BayArea TheaterSports and has coached individuals, communities and companies using skills of improv.

With LifePlays, they have coached thousands of people in public speaking, creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Session: Sustainability - Leveraging Storytelling for Powerful Presentations