DR. Carmen Simon, pHd

Author + Founder of Memzy

Carmen Simon is a cognitive neuroscientist, author and founder of Memzy, a company that uses brain science to help corporations create memorable messages. Carmen consults with major corporations on human memory and on decision-making processes, and has developed a science-based method that helps people become memorable and drive a desired action. She has worked with AT&T, Google, Cisco, HP, Merck, McDonald's, Xerox, and ESPN, among others. Her most recent book is called Impossible to Ignore, and has been selected as one of the top books on persuasion. Dr. Simon has two doctorate degrees: one in instructional technology and one in cognitive psychology. Dr. Simon also guest lectures at Stanford University and speaks frequently on the importance of using brain science to craft communication that is not only memorable but sparks action. After all, what’s the use of memory if people don't act on it? 


Session: Equity + Leadership - The Neuroscience of Engagement for Architects and the Design World